How to do almost anything

Too often we restrict ourselves from doing what needs to be done, but the process for creative work is almost never as complicated as we make it out to be in our heads.

People typically fall into two categories when it comes to creative work:

  1. Not knowing what they want to do.
  2. Knowing, but not knowing where to start.

Often those who fall into the first category are there because they simply haven’t invested enough time to sit and be in their own heads long enough to determine a direction for their work and talents.

Those in the second category are either plain old slackers or unaware of just what comes next.

The proposed solution to the second category? Reverse stair step the process.

Look at what you want to do (be an artist, start a business, sell a thousand copies of your novel, make a world-famous blog) and ask yourself if you have everything you need to make that happen right now.

If you don’t, look at what comes before that (paint, find an audience, finish that novel, setup a blog), then ask yourself if you could do that thing right now. If not, look at what’s preventing it, that’s your earlier step.

You’re bound to get to a point where the next actionable step for you to take is something you can do right now, today. So go do that thing.

To explore this concept even further, consider checking out Barbara Sher’s Wishcraft, which was kindly pointed out to me from a reader.