NY girl creates functioning invisibility cloak

New York City, NY – What scientists have been trying to create for years, Abby Dougal, age 7, has put together in only a few hours.

With some help from her parents, using nothing more but a bed sheet and scissors, Abby has constructed a fully functional invisibility cloak.

Like a familiar scene from our favorite science fiction movie, Abby tells us that we are in for a surprise as she pulls her invisibility cloak (what appears to be an ordinary bed sheet) out from beneath a bunk bed that she shares with her younger sister, Bethany. Abby jumps up quickly and throws the sheet over her shoulders, then the top of her head. In an instant, Abby has become something that people have dreamed of becoming for centuries. Abby has become completely invisible to the naked eye.

“This is incredibly powerful technology,” says Dr. Wyos, who studies advanced technologies such as invisibility for the United States Military at Harvard University, “But it’s not terribly complicated technology.”

When asked about the tools she used to create the cloak, and how she found the inspiration to construct such powerful technology, Abby replied simply: “I just put it over my head like this… and then I disappear!”

With the creation of a functioning invisibility cloak, the entire Dougal family will be flying with Abby to Cupertino, CA, where Abby will speak at a public press conference that is set to include the President of the United States as well as several other prominent, World figures.

Dr. Wyos says that the press conference will change the world. “This an incredible step forward for man kind. Myself and the family of young Abby are hopeful that her creativity inspires others all around the globe.”