Finding inspiration in stories of handmade

If a picture says a thousand words, what does something made by hand say

You could argue that hand‒made objects can say a lot of things, but you’d be hard pressed to convince me that they say more than a single, whole story.

That’s the value we find in many of the cherished thing that are created by hand, painstakingly or otherwise, right? The story behind them.

Take DODOcase as an example of a beautifully‒made, hand crafted item that could otherwise be made in a factory by robots. The story of why DODOcase is so incredible is found in their craftsmanship.

The story of the items we keep is just as important as the actual items themselves, or the purpose they serve.

Handmade is a photo essay by one of my favorite websites, Pictory, in collaboration with Etsy. In the essay authors of handmade goods tell their stories in brief blurbs and accompanying photos.

Take a look and feel inspired. Then look around you, ask yourself what story the things you surround yourself with tell. What about the things you make? What could you create today that would tell a story?