Knowing where to look

We’re often drawn to the thing that makes the most noise or moves sporadically or flashes on and off.

It’s in our nature to look when something like this happens, because that’s where danger or benefit often come from. When you’re browsing around the Internet and something bright and animated comes into view you’re going to take notice. Often the reward is entertainment, occasionally it’s wonder, sometimes it’s disgust. But it lasts only a minute or two and then the feeling is gone, no matter how long the thought stays with you.

Sadly the same is true for when you’re searching for creative inspiration.

Occasionally you’ll find yourself desperately searching for something that inspires you. Only you’ll be looking for the wrong thing in the wrong places, because what you’re drawn to is the thing that makes noise, or moves, or flashes.

Sometimes the thing you should be looking for to feel inspired is the thing that you aren’t noticing, the thing that’s not at all flashy.

Maybe it’s the flaws of a hand-made, ceramic mug. Or a sudden change in pitch on one of your favorite songs. Or the way an author purposefully chose the wrong word to invoke an emotion, rather than opting-in for the proper one.

If you’re looking for inspiration don’t just rely on the next flashy thing that captures your attention. Instead, focus on the thing that doesn’t immediately make you stop and look, and really dig into it’s details.

Original photo via Flickr user.