In the kitchen of creativity…

Creative thinking – forming new ideas – is a lot like cooking.

In order to serve up the best dish of creativity you’ll want to have the right ingredients, the correct amount of each, and some idea of what it is you’re trying to create.

The ingredients of creativity (if you didn’t know) include: inspiration, experiences, energy, and fearlessness. Though you can add more ingredients as necessary, avoid removing any of these core ingredients.

Creativity is like cooking not only in that it requires specific ingredients and a good amount of each, but also because it takes a bit of experimentation to get just right. Not to mention the act of creative thinking is just as much about personal taste as it is about producing something others can enjoy as well.

When you’re trying to be creative today, think of cooking and ask yourself: do I have all of the right ingredients? What is it that I’m trying to make anyway? What if I tried adding something new to the mix?

Photo by Olle Svensson.