Why not now?

Today is the biggest opportunity for you as a creative.

To create and sell your art, to become a professional photographer, to make that documentary, or to quit your job and write a best-selling novel. The revolution has come, and with it the standard day job and the once too big to fail industries have crumbled.

No longer is everyone interested in what only the big publications have to say, now it’s more about what the individual publishers (the full-time Mom who compiles DIY articles on her blog) that select people are interested in.

With the opportunity comes risk, naturally.

There’s more risk to fail, to be criticized, to make something that is not only ignored but useless. But the cost of those risks is smaller than ever before.

Even if you fail (as an artist, a teacher, an inventor, a revolutionary, whatever it is you want to do) you will likely have the resources to get back up and try again tomorrow.

Now, more than any other time in history, is the time to move towards creative work. That doesn’t mean you have to try and change the world by dinner time (it’s unlikely that anyone could, anyway), it simply means that you should start towards a path of creative work. Start now.

If there’s one thing your creativity can do for you it’s generate the ideas you need to move towards work you love. There are plenty of places to help you get started too, here are a few:

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