Where to look for creative inspiration online

The web has provided us with not only a way to produce more work, but to be inspired and see what’s possible as well.

Unfortunately it’s size alone makes finding creative inspiration difficult to do online. Which is why I occasionally like to compile lists like this one to direct those who need inspiration to some of the (arguably) best places out there.

  1. Behance

    For creatives who work primarily in digital mediums (but also in some “old school” ways like photography and print design), Behance is the place to look for inspiration. Browse design, music, video, photography, architecture, fashion, and a dozen other mediums to find work that is truly moving. An absolute go-to for inspiration any day of the week.
  2. Tumblr

    There’s a surprising amount of creativity floating around on the micro-bloggosphere that is Tumblr. Do a quick search for whatever it is you’re looking for (like fashion design, dance choreography, photography, etc.) and you’re going to find a big stream of things to sort through. Count on it.
  3. Colossal

    Colossal is prime for looking at art, photography, video, and design inspiration. Any time I look at a random page from Colossal I end up finding something that really motivates and moves me. You will too (if art is your thing).
  4. Swissmiss

    No, this isn’t a website all about the infamous chocolatey drink. It’s home to designer and creator Tina Roth Eisenberg. If you’re the crafty type who loves DIY projects for inspiration, Swissmiss is an amazing place to start looking.
  5. Booooooom

    That’s boom with seven ‘o’s, if you were wondering. For a few years now Booooooom has been the go to place for remarkably art, photography, and design inspiration. There’s always some collaborative effort going on too, so be sure to check out the latest projects from the community and get engaged for some quick go-to action and inspiration.
  6. Steven Pressfield

    Steven is the author of countless best-sellers, including The War of Art (which is a creative-must-read). Regularly Steven will write on his blog (or have a guest writer write) about writing, selling-out, and doing creative work. It’s a great resource for writers who are looking for some online inspiration.
  7. Kippt

    A community bookmarking tool, Kippt is a great resource for finding amazing writing, design, innovation, business, and other places for inspiration. You’ll have to signup and do some digging (try exploring the “Find Friends” feature), but once you’re into the system you’re going to get a stream of regularly-updated content from people who love the same types of inspiration as you do, undoubtedly.