Be inspired, shift your perspective

You and I have it easy.

Just a few years ago – 10 or 20 – it took a lot of people, a lot of time, and a lot of talent to create perspectives that were out of the ordinary. Dreary monsters stomping through a city, explosive battles erupting in the dead of space, or even shirking an entire family, all use to take a lot of time and energy to create on the big screen.

Now days all it takes to create a new perspective is a computer.

Seriously. All anyone needs to see a new perspective is a computer. Take, for example, tilt–shifting. Wikipedia defines tilt–shift as “the use of camera movements on small- and medium format cameras, often tilting the lens relative to the image plane to achieve a very shallow depth of field.”

In plain English: tilt–shift means that a photographer or videographer takes a picture or video with a tilted lens, to create a blurred edge effect that makes the contents of the photograph or video look, well… like a toy.

Take, for example, this video of sea docks in Sydney, Australia.

Everything in that video is real. But by using the tilt–shift technique and titling the video “Bathtub”, the viewer gets to see the docks from a different perspective. The viewer gets the impression that everything going on in the video takes place in a bathtub or studio set.

Talk about easy creative inspiration!

So adjusting your perspective can make you see things in a whole different way; a way that will – undoubtedly – inspire your creativity! And all you need to change your perspective is your computer. It’s easy!

So don’t complain that you can’t find creative inspiration when you have everything you need to inspire yourself.