An app that will get you writing more, guaranteed

Have you ever sat in front of a blank sheet of paper or computer screen, drawn to the idea of writing something – either for fun or because you had to – and felt an immense sense of “What now?”

Every writer, and even every creative, experiences that feeling sometime or another. Some more often than others.

Even if writing is your job, or if you’ve been doing it for years, or if you’re just someone who likes the idea of being able to write (for a journal, or a blog post, or just a letter to a friend), writing can be hard.

Not anymore.

I’m extremely happy to announce a new writing app called Prompts for iPhone and iPad devices.

In the app there are hundreds and hundreds of unique starting lines (to get you started and beat blank page syndrome) as well as creative prompts (to keep you writing any time you feel stuck).

The app has just been released but already the feedback I’ve received has been immensely positive. Several people who don’t typically enjoy writing say they were able to pickup the app and immediately start writing upwards of a thousand words in one sitting!

If you’re a writer, or just someone who wants to write more, do yourself a favor and go get Prompts in the App Store today. It’s on sale now!