Finding your audience is the challenge now

Today the challenge is not about actually doing the work, the work should be easy.

When we all have access to the same tools, or similar tools that do the same thing, and we all have access to the same information and ideas, the challenge can’t be between the work itself. It’s no longer artist versus artist or musician versus musician.

No, the challenge for creatives now is finding the right audience, the right person who willingly wants to hear what you have to say, see what you can do, to give you part of their time or their money for a little bit of what you’ve got. Because the audience is out there and willing, even waiting. And access to them is easier than ever.

If you know where to look.

That’s the challenge for creatives in this decade: finding the right audience and letting them know about your work and ideas.

You could invest in advertising – if you have an idea of where the audience lives and if you have enough money to throw away – or you can do what the greatest artists and creatives have always done: make things that can’t be ignored.

All it takes is one person of your ideal audience to catch wind of what it is you’re doing for the work to spread, for the audience to come to you.

If you’re not doing your best work and sharing it with anyone who is willing to listen – on Twitter, or Facebook, or Pinterest, or Spotify, or StackExchange – then what are you doing?

Photo via Kheel Center.