What do you have to lose?

When Ruth Wakefield found herself out of baking chocolate on a warm evening in 1930, she took a bar of semi‒sweet chocolate, broke it into small pieces, and threw the chocolatey pieces into her cooking dough. What did she have to lose?

The next day Ruth discovered that her cookies hadn’t blended with the chocolate entirely. Instead, the chocolate chunks had remained in pieces, ruining the original recipe but forming something new instead. The result forever became known as modern chocolate chip cookies.

When Hugh MacLeod decided to take an unusual lifestyle of drawing cartoons on the back of business cards, he figured there wasn’t much he had to lose.

Not only was Hugh right (he’s now a world‒famous cartoonist and writer), but he still preaches on the lesson he learned by taking a risk. That is, Hugh teaches us: Good News! You Don’t Die.

With your ideas, your dreams, your goals, ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen? Then take action.

You’ll often find that the absolute worst thing that can happen if you try to pursue an idea or dream or goal is that things change. Change is scary, but it’s not the end of the world. You don’t die.

Illustration by Hugh MacLeod.