Places you shouldn’t look for inspiration, but do

Creative inspiration can be found almost everywhere, right?

But just because you can find inspiration anywhere doesn’t mean that you should be looking everywhere. In‒fact: there are a few places that you shouldn’t look to for creative inspiration, but probably do.

Whether you’re a creative professional, or just an average Joe (or Jane), you might be looking in all of the wrong places for creative inspiration.

So I’ve put together a short list of places you shouldn’t look for creative inspiration, but probably do.

  1. The same old place. Quit denying it, that place you check almost every day for creative inspiration (the one you were sure would help you feel inspired, but never does), isn’t helping you. And while you don’t have to admit that you do it, visiting the same place all of the time in search of creativity and walking away uninspired is a stupid thing to do. Don’t look to the same old place for inspiration if day after day you aren’t finding inspiration there. That’s just dumb.
  2. The local coffee shop. I can hear you now: the coffee shop is where all great artists/poets/writers/creative geniuses go when they want to feel inspired. That’s a fallacy. While there are some great coffee shops that do provide a good atmosphere for creative inspiration (read: the local shop that features local art and/or real opportunities for conversations with real people), most coffee shops – like Starbucks – are not the ideal place for creative inspiration. In‒fact, your favorite coffee shops is likely the reason you never get any original work done.
  3. Anywhere, really. Sure, you can ultimately find inspiration anywhere, but sometimes inspiration isn’t what you should be looking for. Sometimes what you should be looking for is motivation. Don’t confuse inspiration for motivation and go looking for it just anywhere; it won’t do you a lot of good if you’re looking for the wrong thing, will it?

It’s true: inspiration can be found almost anywhere, but these places typically prevent you from finding inspiration (more so than helping you feel inspired).