Why it’s OK to rest

Creativity works incredibly when you let your mind do it naturally.

Creativity is – by default – the natural ability of our mind to connect ideas or experiences. When you suddenly feel a moment of “eureka!” or as if the solution to a problem was unexpectedly thrown into your thoughts, that’s your brain working creatively.

Sometimes, though, we’re so focused on a problem that we aren’t giving our brains enough energy for them to connect ideas and find solutions naturally.

Sometimes we feel like we have to force creativity, like we have to make ourselves find a solution to a problem, but that’s the worst thing you can do half the time. Your brain needs energy to think, and we only have so much thinking capacity available to us, so when we force our attention onto a problem, when we force ourselves to focus too hard on a specific thing, we’re disabling our ability to truly be creative.

Only try focusing on your problem for just a few brief minutes, then take a break and relax. Let your subconscious connect the possibilities and come up with a solution for you.

This process explains why so many insights come to us when we’re in the shower, or doing dishes, or free writing, or sketching, or taking a nap. It’s okay to relax. In‒fact: make yourself relax. Go take a nap, or go for a walk, or take a shower, or just take the rest of the day off and come back to the problem tomorrow.

You might be surprised.