Designing a space for innovation

There’s something big happening over at the Stanford

For the past six years, students and faculty of have tried to figure out what it takes to design a space for innovation. The school wondered if creating a place to inspire creativity and making ideas happen was even possible.

Starting May 7th the school will finally get to test their ideas for an innovation‒boosting environment with their new place of study and research.

Fast Company is following and reporting on the results of the new environment. This first article about the gives us a taste of what’s to come:

The new space shows off the results of those insights in everything from custom furniture to studio design to walls that can be reconfigured at will. (We’ll show you the results in upcoming posts). planners have even built in a special area on the first floor where they can begin prototyping the next iteration of space.

What do you think? Can you really design an environment for innovation? What do you think the students and staff discover as a result of the new And, most importantly, how can you make your work and living environments more inspiring?