Google uses creativity to prove their point

Google’s Chrome internet browser is fast. But exactly how fast is fast?

To answer that question the Chrome team got together with a few specialists to literally show how fast Chrome can load web pages on a computer. Take a look at the video below to see how the team used a bit of creativity to prove their point: Chrome is really fast.

What makes the video so fun is that it’s an obvious idea ‒ but only after the fact. In the video the Google team uses obvious ‒ and fun ‒ measurements of time in comparison to a computer loading web pages.

To come up with their creative ideas Google first asked the question: “What do we want to showpeople?” The answer was undoubtedly: that Google Chrome is really fast. Once they knew what they wanted to do, the team used creativity to connect seemingly unrelated ideas (a potato being shot out of a canon, paint bouncing off of a speaker and into a big plastic ear, etc.) to their goal.

The video is definitely fun to watch, so be sure to take a look if you can. It’s inspiring to see a company doing such creative experiments. Hopefully all of those who are creatively‒deprived are taking notes of what the Chrome team is doing these days, I know I am.