How thinking can make you more creative

Once a week I take a 45 minute drive up the middle of the state to spend the weekend with two of my favorite muses.

The first muse is, of course, my girlfriend of two years. The second muse, however, cannot really be given a title, per say. Because the second muse is simply my own thoughts, the ones that have crowded my mind again and again for the past two years.

Some people would ask: “Why drive 45 minutes every week, isn’t there a way to meet in the middle?”

And the truth is that: it’s the only time I have to think with myself. That’s 45 minutes of my week that I dedicate to sitting in a quiet space just to think. Sure, occasionally traffic is bad and I can’t really focus on anything but it, but the majority of the time I find myself thinking about problems I had faced that week, or something creative I want to do over the weekend or what I need to get done next week.

For the past two years I have spent one day every week driving and thinking (sometimes at the same time).

Turns out that merely thinking – taking some time to sit alone and let your thoughts run rampant – is a great way to become more creative. Taking just a few minutes every week to think about anything and everything is the easiest way to find creative inspiration.

It’s not really a mystery, more like one of those “Ah hah!” moments. The more you think: the more creative you become. Don’t believe me? Why not?

Think about it.