Creativity is the ocean of our minds

95% of the Earth’s underwater oceans remain explored. This according to NOAA.

For the thousands of years that humans have walked across continents, built and destroyed empires, traveled to the Moon, and crafted a technology that allows us to connect to one another across the globe almost instantly, we still know very little about the world we live in.

In this way, creativity is the ocean of our minds.

Researchers and scientists and students all around the world are trying to understand how creativity works, but it’s a complicated and massive subject that remains widely unexplored, even today.

Creativity doesn’t have to be unknown to us though. We can define creativity and find out how to empower it in ourselves effortlessly ourselves.

All it takes is constant exploration.

Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Who has time to constantly explore creativity?

Well, you do. We all do. To truly understand creativity we need to dedicate ourselves to it every day. From breaking with routines, thinking of new ways to conduct old chores, and pursing different perspectives on everything we do.

Discovering creativity is not science. Not exactly, anyway. You can explore your own creativity right now, simply by doing something differently than you usually would. Do something creative right now. This instant. It doesn’t have to be innovative ‒ you don’t have to accomplish anything by exploring your creativity right now ‒ be a passive observer of your thinking and actions while doing something new or unique and you’ll be well on your way to better understanding creative thinking.

Don’t think of creativity as a mystery to be solved, think of it instead as an ocean to be explored.