Finding the time to be creative

What’s your excuse for not being creative today? What about yesterday or the day before?

Were you “just too busy to think of different possibilities”? Or maybe you simply “don’t have time to be creative”. While you may have led yourself to believe that these are good excuses for not being creative, these are horribleexcuses for not being creative.

When it comes down to it: you DO have time to be creative. Everything you do, every day of your life, is an opportunity to be creative.

You do have time to be creative!

You have time to ask a few additional questions, or do something just a little different, or change your routine slightly, or bring up a concern, or use a different tool, or change your perspective. You DO have the time, you DO have the methods, you CAN find the time to be creative.

Use your creativity right now to quickly jot down a few additional ways you can find time to be creative today.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started on your list.