How easy is being creative?

Taking a new route to work or school is creative.

Trying to answer a new question to an old problem is creative.

Doing something you have never done before – painting a shoe, drawing with crayons, writing in a journal, going to a museum – is creative. Doing anything new, in an active way, is creative. There’s little more to it than that.

Being creative is surprisingly easy.

What makes the creative process difficult is when we start to face the reality that we might fail. Our new path to work might actually take longer. The questions we’re asking might be the wrong ones. Our artwork might look like crap. Our new attempts to make a project work and grow could end up making us look bad, like we don’t know what we’re doing.

But that’s all trivial to what could be.

Maybe there’s a different way to work that is a full of beautiful scenery to inspire you throughout the day. Maybe the questions you’re asking will spur other, more appropriate questions. Perhaps you’ll learn what not to do on your next project by failing at this new one.

You won’t know unless you try. The good news, to quote Hugh MacLeod, is that you won’t die if you try something new.

What’s something simple and new you can try today? Just one small thing. Do that. Then do something different tomorrow. Then keep doing new things. That’s creativity.