A quick method for doing creative work

Inspiration doesn’t make you a better writer/artist/person. It’s the work you do that makes you better, more talented, more informed, and more likely to get that job/sale/relationship.

So don’t spend all of your time seeking out inspiration. It’s fine if you want to split up your projects into inspiration/work slots, with 10% of your time being spent on seeking out inspiration and 90% doing the work. Odds are you’ll find everything you need to be inspired by actually doing the work anyway. It’s the work that matters in the end.

But working without feeling inspired is hard. So here’s a cheat on how to start creative work.

Set a timer for 21 minutes. Start your project. Push yourself. Ask for help.

That’s it. Doing creative work is that easy. Try it out today, rather than browsing Twitter or Reddit for five hours.