Creativity: use it or lose it?

Have you heard the phrase: “Use it or lose it”?

For the past few days that phrase has got me thinking: if you don’t use your creativity, will you end up loosing it?

Creativity is something that needs to be exercised almost daily. While most of us do exercise our creativity on a daily basis, are we doing enough to keep it going strong? And if not, will we end up losing some of our creative imagination? Think about it: if you or I don’t use our creativity – and I mean really use our creativity – for a certain amount of time, will we end up becoming less creative?

Let’s look at an example of how creativity might be lost by avoiding use…

When a school student participates in a math class and does well, but then does not take a math class or do any type of in–depth math for a year, and then goes back to a math class at school, they will almost always have difficulty remembering what they had learned the year before.

Likewise, there are a lot of things you most likely learned early on in your life that – due to not using that knowledge – you have forgotten.

Could the same be said for creativity? If we don’t exercise our creativity each and every day will we end up losing it?

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