Questioning perspective to find inspiration

How do you know that the blue you see with your eyes is the blue that somebody else sees?

What if the entire way you see the world is completely different from the way anybody else views it? Isn’t that guaranteed anyway? How much of your perspective on life, love, and creativity, is different from anyone else’s perspective merely because of the events and experiences you have been a part of?

If you grew up in a home with a lot of books, how likely is it that you will become a writer?

Perspective is one thing creative thinkers can constantly turn to when searching for creative inspiration. If you are wondering where to look for ideas all you have to do is change your perspective.

Ask yourself questions on how you see ‒ or have seen ‒ the world around you. What if your perspective on a problem or idea was downright backwards? How can you be sure it’s not?

Question your perspective and you’ll find inspiration. Change your perspective and you will find answers.