Creative inspiration in it’s purest form

The last person you talked to…

What’s their story? What do they believe? What have they lived through, what do they wish for, and what makes them get out of bed every morning?

Finding creative inspiration is as easy as asking these questions of everyone you meet. The people you encounter everyday are all unique; they all have their own perspectives of the world, and that makes other people the perfect source for creative inspiration. The stories of other’s lives is creative inspiration in it’s purest form.

Their thoughts and feelings, the way they answer one, simple question.

Take, for example, what the people over at Crush + Lovely have done for inspiration… they found beautiful, earth-shattering, creative inspiration just by asking 50 people one question.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for creative inspiration, all you have to do is meet someone new, hear what they have to say, see the world from their eyes for a moment.