Whether you think you are creative or not…

Henry Ford once exclaimed: “Whether you think you are creative or not, you’re right.”

Okay, so Mr. Ford didn’t exactly say that, but he did say something very, very close. And despite the minor difference in what Henry Ford really said and what is quoted above, the meaning is the same: if you think you can, you can.

If you think you can be creative, you will be.

Beliefs are powerful, so much so that they can either help you grow and overcome obstacles, or not. The Buddha himself is quoted as saying “He is able who thinks he is able.” Granted: you can’t simply believe that you’ll grow wings and fly, but being realistic about what you believe and what you think you can domight make all the difference. How could you possibly expect to solve a problem or resolve an issue or think of a groundbreaking new idea unless you first believe that you can?

If you want to be creative: first believe that you can be. And always remember the ground advice: whether you think you’re creative or not, you’re right.

Start believing in your creativity today. Right now.