Presenting: A Creative Library


I’m happy to officially launch something I’ve been wanting to put together for a long time: A Creative Library.

This is a curated list of more than three dozen books on the topic of creativity as it relates to art, psychology, science, and life.

From timeless works like The War of Art, to more modern and specialty books like CreativeYou, the library is full of a lot of creative wisdom. Whether you’re hoping to utilize creativity more in your day job or simply wondering what it’s like to live as a true artist, you’re going to find it in the library.

I’ll be adding more books as I come across (and read) them, but head on over and scan the library to pick up some books today. You can recommend books that might not be listed there as well.

Full disclosure: If you purchase any book from the list I will get a small percentage of the price as part of the Amazon Affiliates network. This helps pay for the costs involved in maintaining Creative Something.