To be a creative, do what creatives do


If you intend to be a painter, then paint. Or if a writer, then write.

Do so vigorously and because you see colors and brushstrokes or stories and sentences in your mind.

And when the critics come – and they always come ” saying “who are you to be a painter or a writer?” Don’t listen to them. If you listen to everyone who criticizes you, you’ll have no choice but to doubt yourself. Doubting yourself is the quickest way to prove the critics right, but not giving yourself a chance. Not giving yourself a chance is why you stop creating, sometimes momentarily but all-too-often permanently.

However, if you persist, if you paint or write even when people question what you’re doing, eventually those who ridiculed you will see that you have become that thing that you set out to become.

Because what is a painter but someone who paints? Or a writer someone who writes?

I feel that we often forget such simple “ bit vital ” wisdom. We feel that we’re not an artists, writer, musician, entrepreneur, scientist, or anything else because we’re not that type of person now. But to become those things typically the only thing standing in our way is to do the work that those people do: to paint, to write, play music, start a business, experiment.

Whatever creative thing it is you want to do, go do that thing. That’s the only way to go, as far as I can tell.

Photo by Kelly Rowland.