Seth Godin and what it takes to be creative

Famous author and blogger, Seth Godin, is a creative genius.

But Seth is not a creative genius because he is more creative than you or I. Seth is a genius because he knows what it takes to really be creative. He has said in the past that creativity comes from boundaries and knowing where the edge of an idea lies.

Recently Seth wrote a blog post about what it means to be creative, and his description may surprise you.

Again linking back to his original thoughts on creativity and boundaries, Seth writes: “For me, creativity is the stuff you do at the edges. But the edges are different for everyone, and the edges change over time.”

How true is that? What you think is routine, something you do everyday (whether it’s in your work, or not), other’s may find creative inspiration from. The boundaries of our lives, the edge of everything we do, are creative in some way or another. It’s just a matter of finding the edges of everything you do in order to find your creativity.

In order to find the edges of what you do – and to be truly creative – you could simply ask other’s around you for their thoughts.

Ask the people you work with what you do that makes you creative? Ask other’s if there is something you do that always blows them away or makes them say –I wish I could do that!–

Read Seth’s full post here, then find your edges (and if you don’t think you are creative, stretch what you do a little to be creative)!