Take a look from far away

Where do you look for news?

If you’re like most people you turn to blogs, television, magazines, and newspapers. And, if you’re like most people, you probably think you’re getting a lot of perspective on the world or events by reading your favorite blogs, watching your favorite TV shows, or reading your favorite magazine or newspaper.

But are you really gaining perspective if all you are doing is learning about things you already know?

You aren’t going to learn anything from your local newspaper or blog or magazine or television station that you don’t already know (or that everybody else already knows). The perspective you gain from turning to local resources is closed and exactly the kind of perspective you are already likely to have.

The same goes for creativity: if you look for creative inspiration in the places you always have looked, you aren’t learning anything new.

Instead of looking to your favorite (and especially local) outlets for inspiration, turn to distant outlets. Newspapers from across the world, bloggers who live in another continent, or television shows (or movies) from a different time and place. Learn about things from a distance.

The best way to become truly creative is to embrace distant learning, because – as all creative geniuses know – distance provides perspective. And perspective is the real key to wisdom.