Today is the day you break

“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.”– Denis Waitley

You’re in this routine, day-in and day-out.

You wake up around the same time every day. You eat nearly the same breakfast. You take the same route to work or school. The majority of your day is spent doing the same thing you did the day before and the day before that and the day before that. And it’s killing your creativity.

Creativity feeds on new experiences, not routine. By trying something new (a new brand of soap, a new hobby, a new weekend getaway, a new conversation with a new acquaintance) you’re building experiences from which you can draw ideas from later on.

New experiences equal new ways to solve old problems. But it’s more than that. New experiences mean new insights, ideas, and inspiration.

So what do you do? You’re in this routine and you need a quick change.

You break.

Breaking is good for you. It means that you’re shifting even the smallest pieces of your life, your routine, your work, your beliefs, in order to find something new. Break out. Break away. Break free. Break apart. Break with routine.

If you find yourself treading water for ideas and creative inspiration lately, try breaking.

Photo by Flickr user.