Why you need to broaden your perspective

If you were tasked with putting a 100-piece puzzle together with only being able to see two of the pieces at a time and without a full picture of the completed puzzle, do you think you could do it?

You wouldn’t be able to see the complete picture, so you ultimately wouldn’t know where any piece correctly goes. You wouldn’t stand a chance. In the business world your job is a lot like putting a puzzle together using only two random pieces at a time. Fortunately, in the corporate world, you have other people helping you with their pieces as well.

But you’re missing the picture if you stick to just the pieces you’ve been given to work with.

Imagine how much easier putting together the puzzle would be if you took a step back and saw the whole picture.

Creativity is a lot like that: your ability to come up with new ideas and solve problems works best when you broaden your perspective, when you step away from what you’re currently focusing on and let everything around you become clearer in vision.

Why would you continue to struggle putting a puzzle together if you couldn’t see the whole picture? It’s easy to avoid the same problem in work, in relationships, and in struggles or problems by broadening your scope.

Step back, broaden your perspective, realize that there is more to everything than what you’re focusing and seeing now; there always is.