You could have big ideas too


I could never come up with that idea.

Garbage. Yes, you could have.

You could have come up with any idea, if you had the right frame of mind, the experiences necessary to envision it, and the energy to see it through. It doesn’t necessarily matter where you are or what you do, you could have come up with the idea if you were looking for it to begin with.

You’ve got everything it takes to come up with even the most brilliant ideas – it’s all right between your ears.

Any idea that exists in the world today could have come from your mind. It’s not that you’re not intelligent enough, resourceful enough, or creative enough.

Yes, to a notable degree, you aren’t likely to come up with the next rocket booster if you don’t work in rocket science. But that doesn’t mean your mind isn’t capable of it. It’s simply a matter of environment and interest.

It’s a dangerous thought, to believe you can’t come up with ideas like those we idolize in the media or news. In doing so, you set yourself up to not have the ideas right from the start, not allowing yourself the chance to even try.

To solve creative problems, to have “those” ideas, you have to first believe you can, you have to use what you have now, and you have to have the courage to look at the world inside-out, upside-down, and rightside-left.

Yes, you absolutely could have those bigger ideas, but you have to start thinking differently about the problems they solve to begin with.

No excuses.

Light Bulb designed by Scott Lewis from the Noun Project.