If you can’t think of creativity as an adventure…

Hellen Keller, a great American author (and, interestingly, the first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree) said it best when she said that “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Hugh MacLeod, one hell of an illustrator and inspirational creative thinker, took what Hellen Keller said a step further in a recent blog post by stating simply: “I reckon that if you can’t treat what you’re doing like an adventure, it’s not worth doing.”

How mindlessly easy is it to become consumed by the blandness of every day‒to‒day thing in your life? Paying the bills, shopping for things you think you need, doing the same job again and again, going through your day as if your entire life were on repeat.

Creativity is about breaking the mold of boring. But you can’t be creative unless you make an effort. You can, however, easily stir your creativity and create a more purposeful method to your thinking by creating adventure for yourself and your work.

In everything you do, there should always be an adventure you are pursuing. Creativity isn’t about problem solving, per say. Creativity is about the adventure of exploring ideas, creating entirely new thoughts, breaking boundaries. You need adventure in order to truly be creative. You need to view creativity itself ‒ the process of thinking creatively especially ‒ as an adventure if you want to really start thinking.

Let’s re‒read what Hugh MacLeod said about adventure for affect: “…if you can’t treat what you’re doing like an adventure, it’s not worth doing.”

So, what adventure will you be going on today?