What to do when your creativity wears thin

Have you ever been working on something creative for a certain amount of time and eventually found yourself feeling mentally drained?

Maybe you’ve tried painting or drawing or writing or designing for a few hours, only to find yourself completely exhausted and unable to press forward due to lack of creativity.

Do you know what it means when the ideas simply won’t come?

Some people believe that they can’t come up with ideas for the simple fact that they’re not creative. But that’s not true. Some would have you believe that if you ever wear thin with ideas, it’s because you’re not a Picasso or Einstein or Edward de Bono. But that’s not entirely accurate either.

The reason you ran out of ideas or began to feel uncreative wasn’t because you’re not creative.

You ran out of creative mojo when you did because your brain was tired. That’s all.

You have to remember that the brain works like a muscle. If you try to exercise it too often you’ll only end up getting hurt. Your brain, like every other muscle in your body, needs a break from time‒to‒time.

So the next time you begin to feel worn mentally thin, or the next time you’re working on something and the creativity seems to suddenly stop, remind yourself that it’s natural. Put away whatever it is you’re working on and take a break. Let your brain relax for a while and the creativity will come back almost automatically. In‒fact, a break could be exactly what you need to come up with even more creative ideas in the future.

Not feeling creative? Maybe all you need is a mental break. Try letting your mind rest for a few minutes today in order to build up your creativity. You may be surprised by the results of a well‒deserved mental break.

Illustration by Pablo Boffelli.