Learn how to turn your ideas into action

I’m excited to announce my first ever online class: Productivity for Creatives.

Working with the remarkable team at Skillshare in New York City, I’ve created this concise, self-paced, one hour class that walks you through my steps for being productive.

Whether you want to write a book, launch a website, start a business, or get your artistic career off the ground, this class is the perfect starting ground.

You’re going to learn:

  1. How to find your drive and maintain it
  2. How to identify good (and bad) creative habits
  3. What tools you’ll need for any job
  4. Building a creative environment where you can thrive

I’ll also be answering questions one-on-one with students, so if you’ve ever wanted to get inside of my brain, this is your chance.

The class is online now, I highly recommend signing-up for a monthly Skillshare membership (just $10 a month for unlimited classes!) or you can take the class for a one-time fee.

Join me in the digital classroom