Find inspiration, get over yourself

If you’ve ever come up with a really creative idea, you know how great it can feel to be truly creative.

When you think up a creative idea that is really remarkable, it’s difficult to view the idea from a truthful perspective, because youwere able to come up with something creative. Why would someone like you need to worry about finding creative inspiration when you know you can come up with such great ideas?

Unfortunately having an ego doesn’t help build creativity, it actually hinders it.

If you’re feeling as though you are a creative genius ‒ and even if you really are ‒ then you’re unlikely to perceive potential ideas around you. If you’re so focused on you, you past successes, or your perceived creativity, you’re not as likely to question the world. By allowing yourself to believe that you are really creative, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to grow your creativity. You’re undoubtedly missing chances to find creative inspiration.

Creativity can’t grow unless you have room for it in your mind. And the fact is: you will always have room to grow. There is no “peak” when it comes to creativity. You can always be more creative.

So do yourself a favor and get over yourself. Leave your ego in bed today. Understand that you will never know enough about the world to not constantly be seeking creative inspiration.