Thinking and drawing the incomprehensible

“We don’t think in words. The temptation to equate thinking with language is because words are more palpable than thoughts. After all – I’m thinking – if I couldn’t talk to myself how would I know what I was thinking? Thinking is hard work; few engage in it.” – Alan Fletcher.

What exactly is that thought floating around in your mind right now? It’s likely not a word (though it could be), but perhaps it’s a picture or an object. But what is that thought really?

We use words to communicate our thoughts to ourselves, but our thoughts aren’t actually words. They’re more than that. Our thoughts go beyond anything we can interact with here and now; they’re off in the future or combined pieces of remnants from the past.

When you sit down and draw out your thoughts you’re making them something that you can quite literally “play” with.

Today when you have a thought, try drawing it on paper (or on your iPad). No need to work on making a masterpiece from what you draw, just get the thought out onto paper so you can really see what it is you’re thinking about.

Then get back to thinking.