What’s the right way to think of creativity?

Is this the right way to write about creativity? Maybe.

Is this even the right way to view creativity? I could be wrong. You would think after reading and researching and writing on the topic I’d have at least some understanding of what it means to be creative, but I might still be wrong. There’s a lot of ground to cover and a lot that we still don’t know about it.

But, in a way, that’s what creativity is all about: exploring the unknown, thinking where there are more questions than answers, proposing something when you could have just as easily not.

You, too, could be doing that certain thing you do wrong. Maybe you’re a writer who has an obsession with fragmented sentences. Or perhaps you’re an artist who never understood why you can’t treat watercolor the same as acrylic.

Who’s to say what’s right when it comes to creativity? Ignorance and uncertainty are arguably more important than knowledge and doing the right thing.

Are we wrong when we say creativity is about doing something even when you’re not sure it’s the right thing to do?

I don’t think so. So go and think of your creative work or craft however feels right. If you end up at a brick wall, change your thinking however you need to in order to overcome that block.

Exploration and curiosity are at the heart of creativity, there’s no way to mess those up other than to avoid them.

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