What’s the best way to become more creative?

This is a snippet from an answer I posted to Quora:

There are a lot of ways to “become more creative!” Many of these have been explored by researchers, writers, artists, and educators alike.

We know, for example, that being groggy and having your head in the clouds can lead to having more creative insights (Daydream your way to creativity).

Though it’s important to note that the best creative insights that come from daydreaming are often the result of a period of intense focus just before your mind wanders off (Where Do Eureka Moments Come From?).

Another great technique to spark creativity is to circumvent the regular self-editing parts of your brain, either by waking up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than you usually do (How Interrupting Your Sleep Can Silence Your Doubts and Boost Your Creativity) or by trying free writing exercises (The ways writing helps improve your thinking). Anything you can do to get ideas out—onto paper or otherwise—without much internal debate can lead to greater insights, in theory. This makes sense, since the best ideas often come as a result of having many ideas (though we often do realize this, since our minds are editing and filtering the ideas before our consciousness has time to acknowledge them)….

Which brings us to the meat of your question: what’s the best way to become more creative?

Tricky question with a somewhat discouraging answer, unfortunately. But this is true! It seems the absolutely, scientifically-backed, research-tested, personally tried way to become more creative is to…

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