Why everyone isn’t creative all the time

Why isn’t everyone creative, all the time, if it’s an ability we’re all born with?

Creativity means going against the grain of how we expect the world to be. It means we have to push against what we believe, how we act, and what we think.

Because the nature of creativity is to go against everything we’ve been led to believe, it can make us uncomfortable. Creativity is scary for the same reason, it’s also easy to look at it as bizarre or weird.

To be creative, we have to question how we think, often at the risk of being wrong (one way or the other).

Who wants to do that?

Fortunately the benefits of being creative – of questioning what we think and how we think it – often outweigh the risks, the weirdness.

Without creativity we wouldn’t have airplanes or automobiles, let alone iPhones, re-heatable meals, New York architecture, instant coffee, the Mona Lisa, or blogs. We have those things because someone, somewhere in time, questioned how we think and do things. The result was innovation, artwork worthy of museums and history books, and a better quality of living overall.

We’re not all creative, all the time, because creativity is a big, scary risk.

That doesn’t mean being more creative isn’t worth pursuing, of course. Just that you’re going to encounter a lot of pushback along the way, even from yourself.

When you do come up against the push back, just keep remembering the benefits that come with new and valuable thoughts, with questioning assumptions and perceptions.