Write every day to explore your ideas

Arguably one of the craftiest forms of art is writing.

Writing requires you to transfer any idea or thought into a word before it can be written down on paper. With drawing you can draw an idea out exactly as you imagine it, vocalizing it a bit tricky but can be just as straightforward. Writing, on the other side of things, requires you to first transform an idea into a different type of representative thought: a word, or series of words.

If you have an idea and then are tasked with writing it down on paper – either as a story, or poem, or some other type of writing – you’ll need more than just the idea to make it happen. When writing, you need to know precisely which words describe your idea well (and which words don’t). The process of writing therefore requires your brain to go through a creative “flow” in order to find just the right words that fit what it is you’re trying to describe and how you’re trying to describe it.

Essentially, when you write, your brain goes into an effective mode of brainstorming; trying to come up with all of the right words for describing your idea.

At first writing your ideas down on paper isn’t easy, even for veteran writers or authors. To make the process of creative writing easier you should try writing every day. In a journal, as a morning exercise, during your lunch break, whatever it takes. Any time you can sit down and write a few words out will benefit you as a creative thinker (as well as a writer).

To better explore your ideas, consider writing them down regularly. The process is rewarding in more ways than simply getting your idea onto paper. It’s also a remarkably powerful way to explore ideas and work through a mental “flow.”

Try writing more today in order to explore your ideas.

Photo by Shawn Campbell.