Three factors of creativity (genetics are not one)

Is creativity something that you inherit from your parents?

Think about it for just a second. If your creative capacity was entirely dependent on that of your parents – and theirs from their own parents and so on – you wouldn’t have much hope for really changing the world, right?

Undoubtedly some level of thinking is inherited, some abilities are naturally in your blood and genetic makeup.

Creativity is not inherited.

For all that it is, creativity is the ability to form new ideas (often from old ideas), which means that the factors which affect your creative capacity are certainly adjustable (and therefore not inherited). But what are the factors that make up your creativity?

Experiences play one of the biggest roles in creative thinking. The more experiences you have, the more past ideas you have to pull into the present moment.

Fearlessness is another big factor of creativity. If you don’t think you’re creative then you won’t be. If you’re worried about success of an idea (or whether it’s feasible or whether you can make it happen on your own) then you’re cutting yourself short. Be fearless with your creativity and you’ll open more doors for new ideas.

Desire is an often overlooked factor of creativity that is vital to growing as a creative individual. If you simply don’t want to change things (or solve problems or inspire others or do new things) then you won’t. It’s not science.

Creativity comes ultimately from our interactions with the world around us. Atmosphere and environment both play their parts in your individual level of creativity. How you grew up certainly affects your creativity. But I’m willing to wager that even if your parents weren’t very creative (or even if you come from a straight-faced, follow routine, do as your told family) you can still do remarkable things with your own creativity.

There’s a lot more to creative thinking that what’s outlined here, but if you think you aren’t creative because it’s not in your blood, I suggest you think again.